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The “Fancy Fold”

Most of y’all know that Trish made a trip down to me in North Carolina this past weekend.
It was AH-Mazing! I’ve missed that girl!

We did nothing. And everything. But mostly nothing.

Because when an army wife that is pretty much one of your people, like, your inner-circle-she’s-going-to-climb-in-bed-with-me-with-a-cup-of-coffee-like-it’s-normal kind of person comes to visit you “doing nothing” is “doing everything”.

Anyhoo, I have a weird thing about made beds. I’m particular about it. It’s totally selective OCD. The rest of the room may be straight chaos but I almost always have made beds in my house. Like, meticulously folded duvets and coverlets, pulled sheets, perfectly overstuffed pillows.

It’s my soul-soother.
(Deep, I know.)

I asked Trish if she knew how to fancy fold (aka PB fold) and the way she got excited to learn is seriously why we are milspo-soul-sistas.

Y’all, we fancy. And it’s so easy.

Here we go (forgive the poor lighting in the pictures!):

First pull your layers all the way up: your sheets, duvet, quilt/coverlet.

(Your coverlet/quilt should go beyond the top edge of the mattress. You want that overhang.)

Fold your top layer (quilt in this case) about a third back.
(It may seem like you have too much fabric folded back but you don’t!)


Next, pull back the duvet so the fold lines up over the fold of the quilt.

Do the same with the sheet.

You will then fold the quilt back over but do not completely cover the sheet and duvet fold.

The quilt fold will reach a couple of inches below the fold of the sheet and duvet. You definitely want the sheet fold showing a bit at the top.

Quickly pull the edges taut and you’re good to go!

(Second secret: I also double up pillows in my shams but we’ll keep that between us.)

Now go try it!

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